Thursday, August 15, 2013

College Essentials & Lessons Learned

BACK--And Better Than Ever!!

Oh, where to begin.. It's been a year, blogging world. Taylor has a new nose (some sort of sinus repair) and Olivia ventured to Europe.

Tonight, we used brownies to bury the memories of the past and look forward to the phat future as juniors. This year, one of us turns the big 2-1. Unfortunately, Olive was TOO smart for first grade and so therefore is a year younger. Taylor will be left to her own devices come October. So Taylor is moving up in the world, becoming a true adult, and Olive will laugh when she also turns 50 first.

Strutting into Sophomore year, we thought we were big shots, lets face it, we were (in a slightly alternate universe). But, we are coming to realize, we are just now becoming even bigger shots. We are going to pull on those Miley booty shorts (aka Old Navy khakis) and our newest Frocket additions and strut our stuff on the quad--Taylor has perfected her twerk and is so looking forward to sharing at school.

Heading into our third year, we are definitely older and wiser. Did you know:

1. It's always better to take classes you're actually good at. Don't expand your horizons, its not worth the GPA hit. DO NOT CHALLENGE YOURSELF, especially in the 101 class variety. College is hard enough, don't stress yourself out. Pick a major and stick to it--and make sure you're good at it.

2. Never leave your laundry unattended--underwear may be stolen. We're not quite sure where it is, or who may be wearing (or not) it, but its gone. Those $14 Victoria Secret undergarments may disappear if you choose to leave your laundry without a babysitter.

3. Leadership Schmedership. That was what high school was for. Blend in, suck up, do an internship on the side. Make sure to express interest in each and every professor's field of study, its key to success. Work towards that career you're dreaming of, and leave those time consuming extras to the children.

4. TEARS are a plus. Professors love them, throw in your life story. The..fighting young child from the country with no financial means and a graduating class of 13 goes well.

5. Stick with Hannah Montana style, none of that twerking Miley. Keep it classy ladies and gentlemen.

6. When in doubt, call Mom. We promise, she still has all the answers, even if it annoys you.

Lastly, 7. Flip Flops are necessary to avoid any kind of foot fungus in the moldy shower stalls. But, as you get older, private bathrooms RETURN! There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

On a more serious note, start those savings accounts and hunt down your trust fund baby. Next year 300 level classes and above are in store. Time to learn more about student teaching and international studies. As Taylor always says, "Stay Calm, Classy, and Cute," but when you can't do all three, bake some brownies, which can sometimes solve our problems faster than a mom. Time for some chocolate.

We found a great recipe at:

Of course we doubled the recipe, gotta share with the fam of course!

PS. Dressing up is almost always overrated. And, the insides of the textbooks really do matter these days-crank out those highlighters and get going!

                                                    (our miley rock the sweatshirt face)

Over and Out


  1. Sweatshirts are way underrated!!

  2. Y'all inspire me to be a better college student! I'm a big fan!!!!👏