Saturday, December 10, 2011

We are Back!

We know you've missed us phat girls so we decided to update everybody. At this point Taylor is finished with her first semester of college and Olivia has two exams before she is done. Survived is the correct word to describe it. Neither of us know where the rumor that college was easy came from because college is kicking our butts..anyway..a story for another day.

We decided that making some red velvet cake pops was the correct way to celebrate the almost- done- with- first- semester- of- college holiday. Now, everybody knows that we are amazing bakers, but cake pops proved to be a bigger project than we anticipated. It was almost as disastrous as the petit-fours.

So..yes Olivia should be studying for her two exams..but whatevs. We are phat girl right?

Back to the cake pops..they were pretty easy for a while. We just had to mix up some red velvet cake batter, bake it, and then crumble it into some cream cheese frosting. We then rolled the cake/frosting into little balls and froze them. We had some Bakers dipping chocolate and it was enough chocolate to cover about half of a half of our cake balls. So here we sit, writing a post, with about 10 finished cake balls.

Of course, because we are who we are..we had a few adventures.

We decided around 9, when our cakes were baking, that Chick-fil-A would be a great addition to our daily food intake. Before we left, chocolate was added to our list of things to do, so Target got added to the agenda. We didn't quite know what kind of chocolate we were supposed to get, so we grabbed a variety. When we to the checkout, the checkerouter, who was obviously not so great with the ladies, asked if one of us had been broken up. Really?? Great question. Yes. I got broken up with 20 minutes ago, drove to get my friend, and came to target to get a bunch of chocolate. I really want to talk about it with the boy ringing me up for all the chocolate I am buying. And yes, you did make me feel fat, with an fa not a ph. Haha, of course neither of us had been broken up with 20 minutes before our adventure in target..but hypothetically speaking..we both would have been rather upset.

So, as we made our way out to the parking lot, falling over laughing, we got a few looks. And we got more when we climbed into a red mini van. To top of our evening, we made a quick stop and Chick-fil-A. We went in, still laughing, and ordered a kids meal and fries. Because the drink you get with a kids meal is extremely small, we kind of sort of drank it while paying so that we could get a refill before we left. The guy who was working the counter was not quite appreciative and probably thought we were on something. We asked him to top off the drink, and that probably didn't help our case. Before we left he asked if we wanted another and we both looked at eachother. Apparently, the man picked up on the "yes" that was running through both of our minds and quickly said..uhh I was kidding. Thanks Chick-fil-A. Quick recommendation, you should provide 2 drinks to those that obviously love diet drinks and are not dining in.

Anyone have any target check out stories? We would love to hear them :)

Please forgive our conceited words and absence... but we are back, at least, for this month.
Over and Out


  1. Love you guys..stories remind me of my life haha :)

  2. Feel free to share any of your stories on here... its always helpful to have new ideas!